About Get Homeschooled

I’m Simon Kensington, the guy behind Get Homeschooled. I’m currently homeschooling my teenage son in the UK and have many years homeschooling experience having previously educated his older brother and sister at home.

Things have changed dramatically during the last 15 years and the internet has revolutionised how parents can educate their children from home or whilst travelling.

15 years ago we started home educating our eldest children, the internet was still in its infancy,  we certainly didn’t have the online resources and learning opportunities that we do today.

In 2019 it is possible to learn pretty much anything by watching videos on YouTube or using one of the many skills sharing sites.

The purpose of this blog is to share good ideas and tips on homeschooling.  I want this blog to become a useful resource for learning online in the 21st century.  I aim to cover many different topics that are all related to learning from home.

The jobs market is changing at a pace faster than at any other time in history and the impact of AI, robotics and automation will have an impact on far greater numbers of people than previous industrial revolutions had.

Our children will need to be resourceful and flexible if they are to thrive in the coming century.